Thank You

Today on #WeAretheRCA, we welcome a letter from Parker Kohl.

Dear RCA
 General Synod 2016,

I would like to say thank you.

Thank you for removing two of the only people in the world who could have kept me going to church from the reformed church I loved.

Thank you for instilling people in positions of power who made Leslie Russell and Jonathan Lee Vanderbeck feel guilt laden for loving people who needed a good Christian influence in their lives. In turn, I guess I should also thank you for driving them away from Fellowship Reformed Church in Holland, MI. You wonderfully managed to lose the two of the only church members who had any positive impact on my life when I was still a Christian.

Thank you for inspiring my mother to pray for my soul after I came out to her in high school, because she didn’t want me to go to Hell.

Thank you for not being able to assuage my parent’s and my own confusion and hurt by not yet affirming homosexuals as being worthy of the love of Church.

It is for that which I truly thank you, I think.

I mean, after all, I’m just a liberal twenty year old gay college student who was raised in the RCA, but I had no idea it was so hard to love someone whose only difference was who they were attracted to.

Thank you for setting the example to ministers and pastors and youth leaders that it’s okay to be actively apathetic to those who had to reevaluate their entire belief system because they not only don’t feel loved in their church, they’re actively told they aren’t.

Thank you for keeping me up all night, begging for God to smite me because if I loved men, and hadn’t suffered divine retribution yet, why did members of my own church actively tell me I was going to Hell?

Thank you for teaching me not to expect an answer from God. Thank you for ultimately removing me from your Church.

RCA, get your shit together. Stop alienating thousands, if not millions, of Christians who only want to worship and be accepted with the rest of you. Stop telling us we are not welcome, for we will listen, we will leave your church, and we will not come back.

Parker Kohl, baptized member of the RCA, but no longer with a home, gay and proud.


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  1. Reblogged this on Caffeinated Theologizing and commented:
    This is from an old youth group kid of mine. This breaks my heart – RCA, when will you WAKE UP?

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