Different Perspective

This installation in #WeAretheRCA comes from Gezelle Kingdom-Grier, who attends Maple Avenue Ministries in Holland, MI. If you are an LGBTQ person or an ally with something to say to the RCA General Synod of 2016, please send a letter to revstacey@gmail.com.

Dear RCA General Synod 2016,

I am Gezelle Kingdom-Grier.

I am 14 years old. I attend Maple Avenue Ministries.

I am a black female, as well as a LGBTQ+ and #BlackLivesMatter activist.  

I feel the embedded idea that is in the head in the leaders of the RCA currently is not the same idea that is in my head.  A change of timing and perspective is always helpful in the event of a quarrel or disagreement of any kind. I do not feel that the LGBTQ+ community is being welcomed, heard, or loved according to the law with the Reformed Church in America. The way of the RCA right now is not the end. It is not the finished draft, it is not the end, because the world is ever changing and with it the perspective.

As the RCA we have a right to be who God made us to be. Not as we want to be, not as the others around us are. We do not love as we are told, we do not live as told, and we do not learn as told. In my high school I have friends/people I talk with. I have many who are Christians in the RCA and other places. But I also have friends who don’t believe in Jesus because they have been shamed, pushed away, and hurt by the RCA (Church). So they go back to me and ask “Why are you so different even though you don’t identify as LGBTQ+” and I say, “Because I serve a loving God who forgave me and loves you and me so why can’t I love you?” The RCA has not showing the love of Christ, to outsiders and to other siblings in Christ.

We need to do better. We are the Reformed Church in America and we need to encourage others to see a different perspective.

Gezelle Kingdom-Grier


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  1. I’ve known Gezelle and the people at Maple Ave Ministries for years. She has a prophetic voice. Church – you need to take notice.

  2. Rich Dorfner says:

    I noticed tha gezelle the prophetic young person from the rca mentioned she has been forgiven in the name of Jesus. That implies that she realizes she is a sinner as all of us are and that she has confessed sin and REPENTED. That means in my opinion that all those she touches need to go through this spiritual process. Only then does the Love (Blood) of Jesus forgive, sanctify and cover us with his Holy righteousness. Doesn’t matter what your social issues are or your gender identity. Jesus is for ALL sinners.

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