The author of this letter has chosen to remain anonymous. If you are an LGBTQ person or an ally with something to say about the decisions of the 2016 RCA General Synod, please send your letter to revstacey@gmail.com.

Dear RCA Synod,


Years ago I was accepted into your church…the RCA! I wasn’t raised in church, I knew of God but didn’t know God. I was raised in a town full of church folks who called us “non-church” folks heathens without even knowing us. I joined a church to get married. But because I wasn’t “schooled” in church, I never felt really accepted. So we searched for the right place and fit for us. Then we found a church within your denomination and I was embraced! I finally learned about a loving, caring, compassionate God. An accepting God.

I then had the opportunity to share that kind of love through mentoring young people. Some of the people I have mentored have become successful, some are now married with children, some remained loaners, some have done time, some are drug addicts, some are gay, and some fit into one or more of the above! And you know what? I love them all unconditionally! Did I fail any of them? I pray not! I am and will always be here with and for them. I am very passionate about acceptance! Never is it alright to name call! Never is it alright to bully! It is ALWAYS alright to love all people!

I am a sinner, you are a sinner, we are all sinners.

I am loved, you are loved, we are all loved! So…

Why are we keeping doors closed?

Why are there conditions to love?

What is happening to compassion?

Who are we leaving out and who are we letting in?

When are we going to work together?

What could this world look like if we took this passion to the streets working together where people are in need of OUR caring compassionate God?

Who is winning and who is losing?

Why are we not bigger in numbers?

Who is watching us fight?

WHY? Did you accept me!

Written by one who cannot cast the first stone!

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