Love Our Neighbors

Today’s letter to the General Synod comes from Amy Greene, a wife, mom, elder in an RCA church, and professional who drives a Kia Soul named Juniper. If you are an LGBTQ person or an ally who is affected by the decisions of General Synod regarding same-sex marriage and inclusion of LGBTQ people, please consider submitting a letter for this project to Letters can be published with full name and bio, first name only, or anonymously. 

A letter to the RCA regarding decisions about the LGBT community from a Christian woman, wife, mother, Church Elder, professional and friend:

I am just getting home from a Classis Meeting where the decisions of the Synod were presented and discussed.  I’ve only recently become a delegate and I still haven’t found my voice but I feel I need to use my voice on the topic of the RCA’s intended decision to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

As a Church Member, this decision says to me that we embrace members of the LGBT community into our Church…but only so far…we will not share all the joys of God’s love.

As a mother, this decision says I must have done something wrong in raising my child, who identifies as LGBT.  I raised my child in the Church.  My child was baptized, attended service, attended Sunday School, completed Confirmation, is a member of the Youth Group and had all these beliefs reiterated at home.  But the RCA is saying I will never be able to see my child get married in the Church, with the support of my Church and in God’s love.

As a mother, is this the path I would have chosen for my child?  No.  Not because I feel it is a sin but because I know it is a hard path with many obstacles.

As a Church Elder, I see attendance and membership dwindling and I don’t think that telling people we accept them but only a little  bit is the way to keep our Church alive.

One of the first life lessons I taught my child was not to hate, as soon as my child learned the word hate.  No one should hate anything that God created.  I feel my child is a blessing and God created my child…as my child is.  God’s plan made my child and made my child identify as LGBT.  My child is a good person, is kind and gentle, helpful and warm, graduated high school and is continuing on in college, doesn’t drink or do drugs and…still a virgin.  My child is walking in God’s light…I don’t understand why the RCA wants my child, or anyone’s child, to cower in the shadows.

So, I’d like the RCA to consider this when making their decision…or choose not to make a decision.  I know many churches do not agree with this decision so if we cannot agree then maybe we shouldn’t make a statement.  Unity is not achieved by exclusion.  A decision that will affect so many lives, not just those who identify as LGBT but their extended families and friends, should not be made out of hate or fear.  Why don’t we start with the Tennant’s we can agree on and stop there, leaving the decision to the individual churches.  Or, let those without any sin decide if identifying as LGBT is a sin that precludes a person from walking in the light.

After all, we are told to love our neighbors AS ourselves…not love our neighbors who ARE LIKE ourselves.

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  1. James Hart Brumm says:

    Thank you, Amy. I hope the General Synod of 2016 is listening, and that the General Synod of 2017 is listening more.

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