Breaking Barriers Article

I wrote an essay for the Winter 2017 edition of Breaking Barriers, the publication of the united disabilities ministries of the RCA and CRCNA. You can read it here, along with some other really great articles about disability and spiritual practice. It was quite the challenge, given that I don’t usually think of myself as a person with a disability, even though someone with a chronic physical ailment (epilepsy) that requires constant management and occasionally completely disrupts my life fits pretty easily into the disability category. The psychology behind my reticence to define myself as disabled has a lot to do with my persistence in being perceived and perceiving myself as independent, and this article is mostly about realizing that I’m not. I hope it is helpful to you, whether you have a diagnosed disability or not, because none of us are fully able to do all things on our own. The good news is, the family of God has your back.

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