Extreme Vetting

Today’s letter to the General Synod comes from the Rev. Paige Convis. If you are an LGBTQ person or an ally who is affected by the decisions of General Synod regarding same-sex marriage and inclusion of LGBTQ+ people, please consider submitting a letter for the #WeAreTheRCA project to revstacey@gmail.com. Letters can be published with full name and bio, first name only, or anonymously. 

Dear friends,

I never thought I would want to keep you out.

I believe in togetherness.




Maybe I am starting to believe in vetting in the RCA.

Maybe I want to build a wall to keep the ‘bad’ people out too.

I want to assure… or is it ensure… that you never love the church.

Love the church just to hate.

I believe in keeping the unReformed out.

The ones who do not believe in or know our past, our polity, our fate.

I believe in keeping the women-haters out,

Get out, we don’t need you here!

And those who can’t see the sin in them.

The sin to exclude to keep my LGBTQ friends out.




What is it? Is that not what you want to hear?


Can’t we all live together?

Sure. Sure we can.


I am not afraid of different.

I am not afraid of you.


But you don’t want to love with me

You want to choose which people can be themselves.


I never wanted to choose.

But maybe it’s time.



I want the church to be.

To be the place that loved me.

Loved me when I couldn’t love.


I want the church to be…

To be…

The Church.

So maybe I do want to keep you out.

But when you are ready.

Ready to love…




There was always a place for you

 A place for you in the RCA.


~Rev. Paige A. Convis

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