Look in the Mirror

Re: the General Synod and Room for All.

I am a member of Third Reformed Church in Holland, Michigan. While I am not fond of labels to narrowly define people, for the sake of clarity, I am married and straight, with friends who are gay, or who have children who are bisexual and transgender. First and foremost I am a Christian, and thus care dearly about how we as Christians treat other people. I can’t comprehend how the church can follow Jesus and leave anyone out, make anyone feel unwelcome. It is anathema to God’s commandment to love one another. God does not want us to make others feel small, or to bring them harm, physically or emotionally.

It is high time that the RCA look in the mirror and see if that is the case here, in tending (or rather, not tending) to people who are not ‘straight,’ who do not fit the narrow definitions of sexuality to which  society has too long clung. There have always been people who are gay, bisexual, transgender, though for generations they were closeted or punished. Now—backed by extensive scientific evidence—sexuality is understood by enlightened people to be genetically predisposed, just as is the color of skin, eyes, the texture of hair, height and gait, the inclination toward introversion or extroversion, etcetera. In other words, as God made us, ‘fearfully and wonderfully’ (Psalm 139:14).

If we are to live by the core of the Gospel, ‘Let all that you do be done in love’  (I Corinthians 16:14), we need to wake up right now and open our hearts and church doors to EVERYONE. It is the only way the light of God’s love will shine out in a world that desperately needs it.


Lorna Cook
726 State Street
Holland, MI 49423

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