The Liar

The world is not waiting for an opportunity to judge you.

The voice in your head tells you that if you’re honest with other people, they will find you wanting. The voice says that everyone will see that you are faulty, broken, needy – and they will reject you for it. The voice whispers that then you will be even worse off than you are, because you will be faulty, broken, and needy, and people will know it, and reject you, and then you will be all those things and also alone.

That voice is Shame, and it is a liar.

The world is not waiting for an excuse to deem you unworthy.

pexels-photo-226617.jpegMostly, the world is full of other people who also feel like everyone is waiting to judge them. So they are sitting on their secrets too, afraid that if people know they are not perfect, they will be rejected and alone. They’re not waiting to judge you. They’re waiting to know they won’t be judged. Someone just has to be honest first, and it’s amazing the vulnerability that pours out.

I know, Shame is arguing with me now. It’s saying that some people will judge you. Some people will reject you. Unfortunately, that is true. Some people will have too much of their own stuff going on, and they won’t be able to shoulder yours as well. Some people will already be helping carry lots of other people’s stuff, and while they’ll be empathetic, they won’t be able to walk with you. And some people are jerks.

Beloved one, do not let jerks define your life.

Shame is a jerk, too. It lies. That is not a voice that deserves your attention.

Your people are out there. They want to know the whole you, even the faulty, broken, needy parts. And they have faulty, broken, needy parts that are yearning to be known too. Someone just has to admit it first.



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